A collection of newspaper articles
by Thimar

Almost two years into the Saudi (supported by British and US weapons and advisors) led campaign of subjugation and punishment the war has taken a dramatic toll on Yemenis, their livilhoods and ecologies. This page serves as archive for newspaper articles (mostly English) to continue the documentation the seemingly endless destruction of Yemen and the effects of the war on agricultural sector and the related food crisis.


An earlier archive can be found here on Thimar's page.


Two articles from the mid 80s by Martha Mundy from themid 1980s give an idea of the development of agriculture, in English on the Tihama here, and another in Arabic here.

For more in-depth analysis also check out:


Mundy, Martha, al-Hakimi, Amin and Pelat, Frédéric (2014) Neither security nor sovereignty: the political economy of food in Yemen. In: Babar, Zahra and Mirgani, Suzi, (eds.) Food Security in the Middle East. Hurst Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 9781849043021




2 Jan, 2017, AlJazeera -- Yemen's children starve as war drags on

"A coalition blockade aimed at preventing the Houthis from re-arming has contributed to a 60 percent spike in food prices, according to an estimate used by international aid groups. During the best of times, many Yemenis struggled to make ends meet. Now they can barely feed themselves."


1 Jan, 2016, AlJazeera -- Slaughter of rare turtles in Yemen 'alarming'

"Hundreds of endangered turtles have been killed in recent weeks, with some sold to restaurant customers as goat meat."


30 Dec, 2016, Mintpress -- One Child Dies Every 10 Minutes In Yemen As Saudi-Led, US-Backed War Continues

"At least 1,219 children have died as a result of the fighting in Yemen, but a chronic lack of health care will causing an additional 10,000 preventable deaths per year, according to a briefing from the NGO Save the Children International."


18 Dec, 2016, Huffingtonpost -- Breaking al-Saud’s blockade – Yemen’s unspoken heroes

"Having witnessed first-hand how their work and dedication offered hope when there was none, I cannot help but decry mainstream’s apathy towards those men and women who have fought tooth and nail for a people to be given the courtesy of their dignity."


16 Dec, 2016, Reuters -- INTERVIEW-Yemen edging nearer famine as war, 'shredded economy' take toll - U.N. official

"Yemen's humanitarian catastrophe is set to worsen as the war has ruined the economy and is stopping food supplies getting through, driving the country to the brink of famine, the top U.N. aid official in the country told Reuters."


7 Dec, 2016, Independent UK -- The world has forgotten the Yemen war, says senior UN humanitarian official

"He said one and a half million civil servants had lost their jobs over the last three months.  "So that's more than half of the country without any possibility of looking after themselves. And that's the scale of it." He added: "The airport is closed in Sanaa. The ports coming into Hodeidah, which serves 80 per cent of this country for food and fuel and all the other medicines they need, is completely restricted."


6 Dec, 2016, Reliefweb -- Yemen: a few months away from running out of food

"Yemen’s population is at risk of catastrophic hunger as food imports continue to plunge and on current trends the war torn country will effectively run out of things to eat in a few months, Oxfam warned today."


13 Nov, 2016, New York Times -- U.S. Fingerprints on Attacks Obliterating Yemen’s Economy

"The Saudi-led coalition is hitting civilian targets, like factories, bridges and power stations, that critics say have no clear link to the rebels.In the rubble, the remains of American munitions have been found."


27 Oct, 2016, Salon -- Famine looms in Yemen, as U.S.-backed Saudi bombing intentionally targets food production

"Saudi forces backed by the United States are intentionally targeting food production and the agricultural sector in their bombing campaign in Yemen, according to a leading expert. In some parts of the impoverished country, the Saudi-led coalition is using a “scorched-earth strategy,” says a scholar who specializes in agriculture in Yemen."


23 Oct, 2016, Indepentdent UK -- Saudi Arabia ‘deliberately targeting impoverished Yemen’s farms and agricultural industry’

"Increasing evidence suggests Kingdom is not merely bombing civilians in neighbouring country, but systematically targeting infrastructure survivors will need to avoid starvation when the war is over"



Date: 2017-01-09

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