Beirut, AUB, January 22nd 2013
by Thimar Collective


The symposium on "Food, Farmers and Revolutions" was held at the American University of Beirut on 22nd of January 2013.


Five presentations by Dr. Ali Kadri, Dr. Rami Zurayk, Dr. Martha Mundy, Dr. Habib Ayeb and Dr. Ray Bush were given in two sessions each of which was followed by a discussion with the public.




Full length






Introduction of the Topic by Dr. Rami Zurayk and Dr. Martha Mundy







Dr. Ali Kadri - "The region in the world economy, from crisis to crises”







Dr. Rami Zurayk -  “Food, farming and freedom revisited”







First session public discussion







Dr. Martha Mundy – “The food economy in Yemen"







Dr. Habib Ayeb - "Rural origins of the revolution in Tunisia"







Dr. Ray Bush - "Food security in Egypt"







Second session public discussion





After the session the Documentary "Green Mirage" by Nadia Kamel Habib Ayeb and Nadia Kamel was shown.


Date: 2014-05-10

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