Article from 1985
by Martha Mundy

Full reference: 

Mundy, M. (1985). Agricultural development in the Yemeni Tihama: the past ten years. In B. R. Pridham (Ed.), Economy, Society and Culture in Contemporary Yemen (pp. 22–40). London: Croom Helm.


In this article (book chapter) from 1985 Professor Martha Mundy discusses the transformation of agriculture in Yemen and specifically the Yemeni Tihama. In this area, unsuitable for the growing of Qat, the restructuring of agricultural production systems differed from those in Qat growing areas, and with that have other implications for agricultural development. The author elucidates the problems and questions that farmers and planers face and shows the potentially negative implications of large scale and cost intensive technical improvement visions propagated by western aid agencies as well as their unsuitability in this context.

The full text is attached below.


Date: 2014-10-13

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