From 26/3/2015 to 31/10/2015
by Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Republic of Yemen


Summary of the Preliminary Assessment of Damages to the Agricultural Sector in the Provinces of the Republic of Yemen Caused by the Inhuman Saudi-USA Air Strikes


From 26/3/2015 to 31/10/2015



Number of Air Strikes





85 Poultry Farms

Farms of chicken raised for meat and eggs were targeted: 37 in Sa`da, and 22 in Sanaa


13 Poultry Farms

Chicken farms were totally destroyed in Lahijj and Abyan because of conflict

Cows, Goats, Sheep, Camels


19 Flocks

28 Enclosures

Flocks of goats, sheep, cows and camels were targeted in the pastures and farms, in addition to animals kept in private homes which we were not able to enumerate.


52,500 Head

Flocks perished and stolen, especially in Lahijj and Abyan Governorates, including 49,600 sheep and goats, 1,450 cows, and 170 camels.

Honey Bees


35 Colonies

Direct targeting of bee colonies, especially those in the Governorates of Sa`dah, `Amran, al-Hudayda and Ma’rib; in addition to bee-hives next to small farmers’ houses which we were not able to enumerate.


41,500 Hives

The perishing of bee hives which were directly targeted while being transported to pasture in other areas.

Agricultural Markets,

Export Centres, and Storage Units


11 Vegetable and Fruit Central Markets

Central markets in several governorates were targeted, including 9 in Sa`dah, one in each of Shabwa, Qa` al-Baun and `Amran bombed 143 times.

6 Export Centres for Agricultural Products

These were directly targeted.

2 Export Ports for Agricultural Products

These were directly targeted.

18 Refrigeration Storage and Vehicles

These were directly targeted.


39 Rural markets

Including 28 in Sa`da.

Agricultural Fields


915 Fields

Direct targeting of agricultural fields planted with crops of grains, vegetable and fruit, in addition to farmers’ houses including 532 in Sa`dah, 259 in Hajja, and 113 in al-Hudayda.

Irrigation Facilities


97 Surface and submerged Pumps/ Modern Irrigation System

Direct targeting of wells and water pumps in agricultural fields


19 Dams, Diversion Structures, Irrigation Canals

Direct targeting of dams and water diversion structures including the ancient Ma’rib Dam, 13 tanks and main canals; and the flood irrigation system in Wadi Siham


5 Solar Energy Units

Direct targeting of solar system used for irrigation in Sa`dah and Ibb








13 Buildings and Structures

Direct targeting of buildings and structures, including offices, agricultural extension facilities. Irrigation offices, development projects, research stations


6 Plant Nurseries

Direct targeting of nurseries.


3,500 Green Houses

Direct targeting of green houses in Sa`da and `Amran.


6 Agricultural Associations

Direct targeting of the headquarters of agricultural associations in Sa‘dah.


14 Buildings and structures

Robbing and looting several agricultural offices and agricultural extension centres in Lahijj, Shabwa and al-Jawf.

Total Numbers


Agricultural sites targeted directly


Poultry farms causing the perishing of all poultry therein


Agricultural sites robbed and looted


Head of livestock were lost or perished due to fighting


Prepared by The General Administration of The Agricultural Extension and Media Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation; November 2015

Date: 2016-02-10

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